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Quality SEO consulting. Quality SEO consulting.

Why your SEO strategy is
developed rather than simply aquired...

The short answer is that if your site suddenly makes gains in search engine visibility it will simply prompt your competion to adapt accordingly... What you need is a flexible site policy implemented continuosly. The goal may be to get "top placement" but beyond that and vastly more important is staying on top.

And... That is why one must choose their seo campaigns carefully. As an example, it would likely prove very unwise to compete with the likes of CNN in the news arena. Robots & spiders used by the search engines to "crawl" the internet & study each site are getting "smarter & smarter" very fast: they know who the big players are. Then, there are the remaining sites, the 99.99% of all sites! Good news, right? Yes.

Site owners usually are keenly aware of the bottom line. Performance may be defined in terms of sales, targeted demographic, bandwith limits & many other parameters. However, a clear algorythm defining what the perfect combination of parameters constitutes a high performance site is usually non existent. If site maintenance for example is crunched in with all the other "ROI* numbers" what you get is a clear understanding that the Robots & spiders really like well maintained sites with a human style dynamic. Implementation of that dynamic on a frequent basis can be hard or easy but not ultimately automated as many would expect.

Organic search engine results will allways have one major obstacle. The paid results that have become such a fixture at the top most popular search engine results page.

* Return On Investment. Possibly the biggest words that can be uttered about any comercial site!

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